Restrictive Measures

In compliance with the international obligations assumed by the Republic of San Marino to combat terrorism, terrorist financing and the activity of States that threaten international peace and security, the Congress of State, upon proposal by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and the Secretary of State for Finance and Budget, shall adopt without delay a decision outlining restrictive measures, conforming to the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council or one of its Committees.

The restrictive measures include the following:
• the freezing of funds and economic resources held or controlled, directly or indirectly, by persons, entities or groups included in the list drawn up by the appropriate United Nations Committee;
• commercial restrictions, including commercial restrictions on imports or exports and arms embargoes;
• restrictions of a financial nature, including financial restrictions or financial assistance and the prohibition of providing financial services;
• restrictions of any other nature, including restrictions on technical assistance, flight prohibitions, prohibition of entry or transit, diplomatic sanctions, the suspension of cooperation and the boycotting of sporting events

Persons and entities subjects to restrictive measures are shown in the following consolidated lists.

FIA has drafted a detailed document “Guidelines on FATF Special Recommendation III” in order to increase the knowledge on restrictive measures and its implementation in the San Marino Jurisdiction.

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