Sector findings

The Republic of San Marino is characterized by a fervent activity in the non-profit sector, in particular through associations of different nature and purposes that appear numerically relevant in relation to the resident population.

Precisely for the vital role that associations play within the economic and social system of the country, in light of the phenomena of exploitation and abuse of the so-called Non Profit Organizations (NPOs) for terrorist purposes, which have been registered in recent years in the world, in line with the most recent international standards on the subject, San Marino intends to strengthen its commitment to undertake all useful actions to protect its associative world from this possible threat.

Therefore, in order to deepen the knowledge of the San Marino association system, through constantly updated data, the Financial Information Agency, in close collaboration with the institutions, has undertaken periodic general surveys of the non-profit sector of San Marino.

The objectives of this activity, especially the most recent one, were to arrive at an assessment of the risk exposure of the San Marino associative sector and to identify, as precisely as possible, those entities that - in the absence of a specific regulatory provision - could be traced back to the category of "non-profit organizations" according to the definitions of the FATF [1], ie those entities that, as a matter of priority, carry out fundraising and distribution activities for solidarity or humanitarian purposes, mostly directed abroad; activities which, by their nature, are more exposed to the risk of terrorist financing.

Through the tool of the questionnaire, information was acquired on the associative form, on the structure of the self-governing bodies, on economic and financial resources, on any activity with countries considered at risk, as well as on knowledge of the legislation, on the prevention and contrast of money laundering and terrorism and countermeasures adopted.

  [1] A legal person or arrangement or organisation that primarily engages in raising or disbursing funds for purposes such as charitable, religious, cultural, educational, social or fraternal purposes, or for the carrying out of other types of “good works”.

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