Mutual Evaluation Reports

The International Financial Action Group ( FATF ) is an intergovernmental organization created in 1989 within the OECD with the aim of defining and promoting anti-money laundering strategies, at national and international level.

The  International Standards on Combating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism & Proliferation ,  summarized in forty Recommendations and updated entirely in 2012, then revised in 2018, constitute reference principles that countries are called upon to implement in the context of their respective legal, administrative and financial. The Recommendations are accompanied by "Interpretative Notes" and a Glossary of definitions which form an integral part of the  standards .

The FATF carries out an intense activity aimed at promoting and verifying the application of international principles, in order to strengthen the commitment of States and increase the effectiveness of national measures to prevent and combat money laundering of illicit origin, the financing of terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

In 2013, the FATF defined a new  Methodology for Assessing Compliance and Effective Implementation of the FATF Recommendations  which contains detailed criteria for the evaluation of the " technical compliance"  of national structures with respect to the  standards  and of the effectiveness ( effectiveness ) of measures taken. The Methodology forms the basis of the fourth cycle of  mutual evaluation.


MONEYVAL report on the 5th round assessment visit in San Marino