Cross-Border controls

In application of international standards and in particular FATF Recommendation 32 (FATF recommendations)  for the contrast of terrorism financing, the Republic of San Marino has adopted the Delegated Decree 4 May 2009, No. 62 repealed  by Delegated Decree No. 74 of 19 June 2009 and subsequent amendments.

Any natural person entering or leaving the territory of the Republic of San Marino shall be required to declare the transport of cash and similar instruments in Euro or foreign currencies for a total amount exceeding € 10,000 or the equivalent value.

The declaration, made in writing, shall be filed in compliance with the model attached to the Delegate Decree.

The declaration shall be filed before entering or leaving the Republic of San Marino, and shall be submitted to the Commands or branch offices of the Police Force.

Commands, branch offices of the Police Force shall return a copy of the declaration, with acknowledgement of receipt, to the declarant, who shall carry such copy with him.

In carrying out regular border controls, Police officers may verify the identity of persons, as well as inspect and search vehicles, luggage and things in order to ensure that the obligations are fulfilled.

Cross-border transportation of euro cash by road was regulated with Law n. 190 of 25 November 2014.